Bali monsters

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Some pics from my mates in Bali- 55kg AJ, 110kg Grouper

  • Robsen Chang
    Good fish...real monster of a grouper.. 8)

    Respectable angler...look at the size of the boat he is fishing in.. :shock: :shock:

    Well done man...well done... 8) :wink:

  • snapper
    Hi Rob,

    These guys are really something. The 55 kg AJ and all their fish were caught from local fishing boats called Jukungs. There is barely enough space for 2 people in those local boats! Very basic outfit but lotsa good fish, pretty hardcore stuff.

    tight lines,

  • Michael Lim

    scary... wonder how they managed to stay on the small boat while fighitng such monsters. They dun even have any chances to manouvre the boats much...

  • Allen
    :shock: :shock: :? :?
    xtreme fishing style :roll:

    Hi snappers, what gear and line your mates use, mono ?

    I only remember this type of fishing is super straining on your back muscle....
    I don't know if I will try thats again... clear line from outrigger, cannot move your body, leg kenna knock a hundred time.... end of trip whole body ache, and handy plus all over....
  • iam537
    Whoa!! Big mamas :shock: :shock:

    Almost went last year to Bali for this type of fishing...was advise to bring I know the reason why :shock:
  • T-Rex
    Wah lau, I'm surprise the small local fishing boat did not become submarine after hooking the 110kg monster. WOnder how they bring back to shore? Put in the already limited space boat or drag along in the water until reach shore?
  • snapper
    Hi snappers, what gear and line your mates use, mono ?
    Hi Allen,

    These guys are hardcore jiggers and keep up to date with the latest in fishing technology. They use Japanese jigging techniques and tackle.

    The AJ was landed on a shimano blue rose and jigger 4000 while the grouper on a tld15 and pe6 backbone rod

    tight lines
  • snapper
    Would have released them if we could but Ruby's are hard to revive.

  • snapper
    Local boats aka Jukungs

  • Bernard Tan
    This is crazy...I wouldn;t want to go fishing in such run down boat....GurRpp....

    Scary man!!!

    Yah I was quite amazed on the fact that the run down junkung did not transform to a submarine when she has a 110kg Grouper on the other end.....
  • snapper
    The Jukungs are surprisingly very stable with the outriggers. Don't really require a life jacket coz we fish pretty close to shore and the seas are calm. Some jukungs are also quite deep so you can stand while you jig. The blue jukung in these pics is a "rolls royce" version with rod holders, and an outboard engine. This particular jukong can take 3 anglers + 1 boatman.
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