I'm new to fishing. Would love to discover more about luring.

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I have recently gotten involved in fishing when I decided to join my colleagues to fish at a local spot. I caught my first few fish (Snapper and Grouper). Since then, it sparked an interest. Now I find myself fishing casually once in awhile. 

Recently I have come across lure fishing with jerk baits and soft plastic on youtube and it seems very interesting and would love to try my hands out at it. 

Is there any place where I can try out lure fishing? And is there anyone that could share more with me about lure fishing?
  • Michael Lim
    Try out some of the reservoirs for Peacock bass, they bite quite readily and are good practise targets.

    Read up on the catch reports and some of the old articles for some clues as to where and which lures to try.
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