Repairing scratches on reels

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I was wondering if there is any services that help repair scratches or chips on reels? If not, is there any tips to "smoothen" the surface or "cover up" these blemishes?


  • GreyL
    i have the same problem i have a huge paint chip on my scorpion dc. I'm still looking for shops or ppl that would do a custom respray
  • Michael Lim
    I just use stickers to cover up...  lol

  • nuvole
    Any attempt to polish it will increase the area prone to corrosion.
    Any paint works will eventually peel off.
    Fishing reel are tools, and if the scratches does not effect its function, better off leave it as it is.

    If you are worry about corrosion, the method I use is to sandpaper it, then use lapping film #4000 to polish.
    Finally clean with alcohol before alodine( difficult to source) coating. The purpose is not for cosmetic purpose but anti-corrosion. 

  • yy1987
    very good point..just heart pain when seeing the blemishes..
  • nuvole
    My $0.02
    No need to heart pain, reels are made as tools for fishing.

    No jepun reels will sell more than your buying price years on....
    As understood, collector like to keep stuff mint & rare stuff, hence came the "limited edition" gimmicks.
    I've a few unused reel like calcutta sumika, and if you think your next generation will be become rich selling it..
    its not going to happen. They practically release some sort of "limited edition" every year.

    We enjoy fishing, we use the best tools we can afford to fish.
    Best being most comfortable, longest casting distance & rugged enough to land the fish.
    Forget about the cosmetic issue and you will enjoy fishing fishing more. If you keep worrying scratching you gear, you might as well
    be a collector, buy reel for display only.

  • edunhsif
    Well said! 
  • galmigcon4569
    look up this guy on facebook. SPRAYKIT CUSTOM. friends of mine has said he does a very good job. can make your reel look like ironman.
  • yy1987
    his spraypainting work looks amazing as well!
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