Southern Island 2.95kg 'Ang Gao' landed

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Date: 24Jun20( 初四 )
Location: Southern Island
Weather: Cloudy and Raining in the whole trip
Fishing method: Tenya, Appollo and Lang Gong

Report: It was our 1st trip after CB, we are all excited. 8am it started to rain heavily and it affected all our mood as through our experience, raining trip will have a lot of small sharks and 'ah Seng' only. 

We started fishing with face mask and raincoat on, face mask really keep us warm as the weather is really cold. We tried Tenya size 115g orange colour jig and to our surprise 2 small group landed within 1hr of tenya fishing. I tried my first tenya fishing and i felt a very strong pull when fish was on, it feels like a big 'ah seng' or shark and after 5 min of fighting, a good size ' Ka Ci' landed.

Follow up we landed  3 big size grouper, one of my friend than say " all brown colour grouper see till bored, we want to see colouful one". So I told me, ' Ang gao or Parrot fish ' will be nice. The Botman then laugh and say ' this spot no Ang Gao la ' .

Then 20mins later a strong pull from my friend's line was felt, He felt the pull was like big ' ah seng' or big 'Ka Ci', to our surprise it was a 3kg ' Ang Gao' we told the boatman and he dont belelive and came over to check the grouper, he was stunned too, as this kind of bad weather can get a 3kg 'Ang Gao'. Ang Gao was landed using Appollo as afternoon bite rate is low and boatman suggest we we 'lang gong' or appollo. We were all thankful with our boatman ah Cheng as his fishing spot are great and he would shift spot if no bite at for a long time. Were over heard on his phone that some kakis cancelled fishing on his boat due to heavy rain. 

Although all our underwear are wet, we were all enjoy the trip with laughter and challenge to get the biggest first and tease ' Zero Fighter'.

Enjoy the pics! 

  • The Drifters
    nice CR, dan i was fishing on his boat the day before yours. i wonder are you in my group chat ? 
  • The Drifters
    edited June 2020
    Nice Catch Report,  me and my group wes fishing on his boat a day before yours, we also got some good catches. I wonder are you in my group chat ? i can show you our catches on whatsapp as i dont know how to load pics in FK.
  • dan_csw
    The Drifter, just upload pics to catch report. Only post Fishing photo of total catch report. We did not take group pics due to phase 2 , need to keep 1 meter a part and we took all our temperature before going outboat. Those are all good pratices.
  • dan_csw
    Mr L in yellow raincost is the person who caught the Red grouper.
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