Tg Pinang 4d3n onboard Wisata 5 17th to 20th March 2020 (Closed)

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Looking for kakis to fill up 6 slots. Onboard Wisata 5 with Captain Akob. Cost includes, Ferry 2 way, meals on and offboard, taxes, tips, group shirt, beverages, vessel rental.

All fish caught will be distributed evenly by deckie with no Anglers intervention, except 1 trophy catch for Angler own catch to choose. There will be anglers meeting 2 weeks before the trip to get to know each other over small meals, briefing and share some boat ethics onboard.
Been onboard Wisata 5 since 2007 and this has been my practice. Friendly kakis and making new friends. Its not about the catch, but the common passion amongst Anglers....tightlines!

Damage $480

Whatsapp +6597666141 for further enquiries and will be my very best to assist with your queries.
  • suarez1972
    Left 5 slots. Getting hot. Slot will be reserved upon deposit of $100....whatsapp if you are keen, so that i could provide you the bank details for transfer. Advisable via bank transfers, so that all payment is well documented..thanks
  • Abdulraz
    Halo bro lm keen can KIV 2 SLOT will comform need to apply leave
  • suarez1972
    Ok roger bro. Noted. Once deposit placed, i will reserve slot for you. Tightlines!
  • Pakmalau
    Lagi ada 1 slot tak  :)
  • suarez1972
    Salam Pak Malau...slots just filled a while apology...will update u if any1 pulls out..can leave me your contact number? Or whatsapp me at 97666141 
  • suarez1972
    Thank you for those who have enquired. Slots filled. However i will update those you shows interest if any1 ever pulls apology. Tightlines!...thanks guys.
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