Prawn Fishing in Taiwan

Hi Guys,

I finally had the chance to go prawn fishing in Taiwan Taipei. 

Went to the same place Anthony Bourdain did the following video.

Located at Spring City Shrimp Fishing Restaurant. It is one of the many prawning place but I find it easily accessible and not in some danky alley so some of the ones in the city. 

How to reach there? I took a train to Shilin, and transferred to one of the many buses. The prawning place is really close to the National Palace Museum, so you can include it as a stop over.

The prawns really tasted better here because the prawns were swimming in spring water and the extra salt roasted slowly under the toaster give it an extra punch.

If you have a day off in Taipei and really like prawning, you can probably pass time. But... it is not cheaper than prawning in Singapore. And you would be competing with some really good professionals who aims to clean out the ponds.

I did a short video on my 1st prawning trip in Taiwan, and it is really a different experience!

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