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Was waiting anxiously for the day to come over the last weekend (25-27 Oct) to go on board Sports Fishing Explorer. 
The trip ended up disappointing.
1. Deckies attitude
They are constantly saying busy and asking us to  wait when we request help on board.

2. Captain
Poor knowledge of fishing spots, its like trial and error on all the spots during the trip. We ended up at many fishless spots. And during one of the trial and error spot, we were so fed-up and ask him to move on after almost an hour of fishless wait. His answer was "Wait" he need to sleep. 
I find it ridiculous as this request was at about 5.30 pm on the first day.

3 Due to poor catch
I shall not conclude that all fishing trips should have great catch, as there are many factors affecting the catch rates. But the above  points do contributed to the poor catch.

The following attached photos on two different boats on the same days of fishing.

No.1 photo with lot of stingray belongs to us with 15 anglers

No.2 photo with 10 Anglers
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