Tips for ORTO main pond

I fished at Orto fortnightly since this June. First 2 visits, I managed to hook a medium size (5-9kg) each time.
But lately, no catches and barely any bites by medium size fish, only had all my chicken liver baits etc eaten up by small fishes.
Other anglers do land a fish or two but overall pretty quiet. I cast off quite early before 8am & end by 2pm. Last 3 visits ended with no catch. Any tips or ideas please. Thanks
  • misssotong

    i I used to fish regularly in the orto main pond 1/2 to 1 year ago but hopefully the below info is still useful to you. I was able to fish there over different times of the 24hour clock over several months.. like 6am 8am 2pm 6pm so after a while you will learn the fish feeding patterns and where and when the workers feed the fish.

    Location: everybody will have their favorite spot because they caught so and so fish before here. Its actually changed many times over the years. What is consistent is the workers feeding the fish  generally from the water pump near the small hut across the pond from the shop. That's also where all the biggest patin congregate. Used to be an rtc lurking around the broken bench there and another rtc lurking around the float platforms. Some ppl believe in casting at the fence area. Some ppl say best kbl spot is near the tree near the shop. Just try.

    Rigs: you aren't technically allowed to use sinkers after some retard catapulted a sinker into the restaurant area years ago. If using float note that the leader must b at least 1.5m and the no shelter area is the deeper area. Some ppl try to cast to the middle either with heavy bait or bait balls. And use debarbed hooks.

    Bait (if you bait): many choices.. prawn from orto or ntuc. Bread preferable to buy the cheap orto bread husk because they float and don't disintegrate easily, white bread actually melts relatively fast in the water once wet. The key is to keep the bread afloat for patin. There's rubber band/satay/dimsum method to tie the bread. Ask around. Taiwan sausage bite rate is much much lower now, the fish are smarter. Chicken liver also very messy you might want to consider organs like gizzard. I think some young people on youtube threw in garlic and it worked too.

    Lure: everyone has a different opinion on this but if you are targeting kbl you can use white or green rubbers.

    Timing: its a pond so you don't really have tides or currents. But generally the bite rate tends to die after 11am. Personally prefer Thursdays before the Friday Fly day and weekend crowds spook the fish.

    I don't fish there anymore.. but hope the above helps. 

  • misssotong
    Another thing I forgot to mention, the fish are very easily spooked and very smart. They tend to spit out the bait on first attempt, then go for the same bait second time. That's usually when I try to set the hook. 
  • TonyTeo

    Hi, many thanks for your early response. Fully agree with your observations on fish eating behaviour.

    The rest of the info is also is very useful. Thanks.

    Point of concern: understand that the area is planned for Residential housing, so not sure how long more we can fish in this spot which I rather enjoy because of its ambience. Cheers!

  • tana
    hi, may I know is there a paid fresh water fishing pond that can bring back the catch? Many thanks. 
  • TonyTeo

    Hi, I'm unaware of any pay-fresh water fishing pond that permits keeping one's catch.

    Perhaps other readers might know. Cheers!

  • TonyTeo
    Hi, sorry but at Orto you may bring home certain catch like Seabass (KBL), Patin, below 2kg weight. Please check their website.Cheers!
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