Beginner looking to buy a fishing rod

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Hi everyone, I recently started fishing and am looking to get a rod for myself, but I have no clue about what kind of rod I should be getting  
I usually go to Orto to fish and am now thinking of going to the reservoirs too.

Currently looking at:
Telescopic Fishing Rod (Essential Tele Luring 240) from Decathlon 

  • GreyL
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    When picking equipment i would prefer to choose it based on what I'm targeting for, peacock bass or tomans/haruan.

    For example for peacock bass i would choose anything from ultralight to medium light or even a medium. Or for tomans/haruans i would pick a heavier setup

    So it depends on what you wanna fish at the reservoirs, the one you're looking at from Decathlon is almost  7ft 8 and casting for 40-60g which would be better suited for tomans if anything or even orto, if you're gonna want to fish for PBs instead you're gonna have some difficulty casting light lures.

  • SportAngler
    In reservoir you can't use bait. Only lure. A recommeded setup will be rod 6-12lb and reel size 2000-3000 dep ending on brand.
    The lighter the set, the easier for you to cast whole day.
    For ORTO a heavier setup if you aim for the big one. 10-20lb and 4000 size reel.
    Go down to your nearest tackle shop to look for a setup. Or PM me if you need more info.
    Good luck 
  • Birthright
    Is there a way to tell if the rod/telescopic rod is strong enough to withstand the fishes in the Orto Pond? :/
  • SportAngler
    Try and error loh. But seriously it all about experience. A season angler will be able to tell frpm the look and feel. But the ros will normally tell you how heavy the line rating is.
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