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Hi guys. Can any pros give me some tips on what line to use? Normally I fish at  number 10 but can't seem to get a good hit rate. I've seen many pros casting their soft plastic super far till seal or after the seal. But when I try, I can't seem to get same distance. Some are using even shorter rods than mine and casting smaller size jig head.

Would be a great help from all u pros.
  • alexhgt
    Using spinning or BC? Makes a bit of a difference. I find BC to fly further but you obviously have the issue of handling backlashes especially if it is windy. 
    Match the jig rating to that of your rod. If your rod is rated 20 to 50g. Throwing a 10g lure can work but you won't get far. 

    Normally how you get more distance:
    1. Heavier lure weight (some people go above the rating on their rod, but that's a choice for you to make and risk breaking your rod tip)
    2. Longer rod
    3. Thinner line. 15lb is sufficient for pair ris
    4. How you load your rod prior to flinging your bait out. 
    You might notice they might have their lure dangling on a longer length of line, the angler brings their rod from the 9 oclock position to their 2 or 3, then you see the rod load backwards. Then, they fling it forward. The preloading of the rod allows you to cast further. 
    5. Experience. 
    Get a lead weight and practice. 
  • merduzza
    I'm using spinning set up.
    Currently using graphiteleader tiro 7'9. (Lure weight 5g to 22g)
    Using g soul upgrade x8 (pe 0.6 14lb)
    So what's my mistake man. Normally I cast 10g jighead (surecatch). Sometimes 7g.
    Cause sometimes I heard the throw 5g to 7g and man they sure can cast far. But their rod is slight short and specs lower than mine. I'm really very confused what's the problem. Is it my line or the way I cast. Any line recommendations sir?

  • oceanus
    To cast super far, you may need super thin lines like the YGK 11lbs, which is even thinner than most American 6lbs lines but must go easy with your drag and check for line damage from time to time.  A 7' rod will improve casting distance.

    I normally use 6'6"BC setup with suffix 6lbs lines which cannot go as far as spinning setup. I often push my limits by setting my BC reel to the edge for distance and occasionally gets minor backlash. However, I have good successes from time to time with small with 7g jigheads and slower retrievals. Going far needs heavy jighead which will sink your lure faster to the bottom unless you retrieve fast. But if the fishes don't chase, casting nearer with lighter jigheads and slower retrieval may work better sometimes. But this is just my preference. 
  • merduzza
    I really have a feeling it's my line. But what happens if I go lower than the rating of my rod.

    For example
    Rod specs : pe 0.6 pe 1.2 (nylon 4 - 12)

    Can I use 4lb fire line? Or any other braided line.

    Sorry I ask so much. I really trying to understand as much as possible
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