Marina south pier

Scylla Serreta
Hi everyone,

anyone has any tips for fishing at Marina South pier? E.g. rig, bait, where to cast etc

  • Luke Maow Bear
    I'd like to know as well, I saw it a few months ago, looks good. I personally would go with smaller rubbers and a 27 Gram Pin Tail for some shore action early.
  • Jimmy Aw
    Yup yup! It’s a good place to start with small tiny rubbers! Good place to start aji and mebaru style fishing! 
  • bigfishplease
    Hi, caught a small GT there on squid, not sure about the rig as it was tied by someone else. Was fishing to the left of the port. Cheers
  • ouranx
     ppl go marina south pier for rock fishing, floats n small hooks aiming for rabbit fish, yellow tail, half beak etc.. using bread

    another group of ppl luring for groupers, near the corner beside the cruise centre
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