Fishing at Lake Biwa (Kyoto) in December

Hi kakis, 

Just wondering, if I wanna plan a trip to Kyoto mid December, what kind of preparations are needed? I was told by a friend that Lake Biwa is strict and does not allow foreigners to bring their own gears to fish there. Have to rent local guides' gears. Anyway, I've never planned a single overseas fishing before so I am new to this. Would appreciate all contribution! Thanks!! 
  • MrKimKor
    do u plan to rent a boat out or just fishing from the banks? aside from that, do note that december will be very cold. i personally fished from boat during end oct last year the wind is already unbearable.
  • MelvinLai
    Boat or banks. Currently not sure yet or still in planning, so I can make changes if need to. But yea, I expect its gonna be freezing to fish too.. 
  • MrKimKor
    if you plan to fish from boat, they are charters around but manage your expectations on the catches. They provide hotel pick and and send back also. Google around and you will find them. If you plan to fish from the banks, you need to plan which side of the lake you want to approach from. this lake is HUGE. but without a local to bring you, i think it's not that easy, some areas need to bash(as least from the surrounding place i board the speedboat)
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