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Hello pros, need some expert advise...sort of newbie angler here, so pls bear with me.

so i have ordered this -
Baitcasting Reel; Max Drag:16.5LB/7.5KG; Line Capacity (mm/m):0.26/180,0.28/150,0.30/110; Line Capacity (LB/YDs): 10/200,12/165,14/120

Need to order one Baitcasting rod matching the above reel capacity, to use as my main rod. And need a matching mono line roll as well. So what are the rod & line ratings I should be looking for when buying?

Also, need one more baitcasting rod with a slightly stronger specs (in case targetting bigger catches) and to keep as a spare.....whats the max rating I can go for, in case of my above reel?
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