Hi guys! Recently got a Maxel Transformer Rod pe1-2.5.
Looking at jigging at miri oil rig, probably 100+ grams jig. 
For this light set up, don't wanna spend too much on a reel as I'm bringing a heavier setup as well.. 

Takes on new stradic sw5000? Pe2 line seems just nice with 300m line. Anyone tried this reel?
Or should I just go for tp6000pg? 

Your kind advices would help me alot!!! Thanks in advance
  • sharkbait
    Size 6000 will be best for oil rig. Light game.

    I personally using Twinpower 6k HG for light jig game. Because i find it easier to fast pitch/jerk. Yes.. definitely lose out to PG in fighting. But pairing with a good rod can balance the odds.

    I did tried before using XG. I couldnt even turn the handle when the biggie hit LOL.
  • Zackfishingkaki
    Thanks for the advice! I guess hg is less tiring for having to reel in lesser than pg. But for a novice like me I think I'll go for pg just in case hahahahahaha. 
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