Need Help for Birthday Gift for Dad

river run
Hi guys, 

I am asking for help as I plan to get a good luring set up for my dad. My budget is about $300 plus minus. I don't mind forking out more if it can be a good investment. 

My dad will be mostly fishing in legal grounds of reservoirs with this set up. I am looking at a UL spinning rod: length 6'6< for better casting distance, medium to fast action, can cast light jighead/flies easily as I tie these for him. 

Will appreciate if you all can recommend a spinning reel (brand & size) to go with it, as well as the suggested mainline. 

Of course, if you have some favourite lures for PBs/Temensis as well I will appreciate if you can share with me too (PM is fine too). Don't worry, I am not trying to learn your "trade secret" as I am not into luring. 

I know I can do my research (and have done so), but with the wide range of options and change in market from since I last dapped into luring, I shall greatly appreciate and value your opinion. 

Thanks so much for your help! 

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