NEED HELP AND TIPS and also NEED Cheap and Affordable Boat Contacts for GTs (20kg or less) in BALI!

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Hi Guys, I am probably going to go Bali for a short holiday in July, would like to include a day or 2 of boat GT fishing. I have no experience popping and jigging for fish on boat, but I have been luring in fw since I ever started on FK. 

Would like to know if any kakis here know of affordable boat contacts in Bali for GTs around 20kg or less?

What setup would you recommend?

As of now, I have a 15-30lb bc 7ft rod , 10-20lb spinning7ft rd with ATC Combat reel and also Twinpower C3000HG, can it withstand the GT? How many lb of line and leader should I use? What about the weight of the lures?

Sorry guys, really new in this game.  But I am really keen to start on this adventure. Really appreciate whatever help and tips I can get from Kakis here
  • Luke Maow Bear
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    Hey bro, there are few hurdles you have.
    • You have very few months left to get this going and chances are slim if not very expensive
    • Most charters don't take 1 or 2 anglers, they rent their entire boat; do you have a group?
    • Charters try to put you on a type of fish as supposed to putting you onto a size of fish as you have stated; 20 kilo or less
    • Setups start at PE6 and a Shimano 8000 sized reel
    • I use PE 8 to PE 10 with 120 gram to 160 gram lures (up to 230 grams)
    • 130 lb to 170 lb to 250 lb Leader
    • You will be spending more on your gear + charter than your holiday
    • If you are going for 1 to 2 days you might as well not go, charters work from 3 to 5 days. 1 to 2 day trips don't travel very far and are never serious events.
    • Bali is not exactly known for catch and release which make matters bleak for chasing a 20 kilo GT
    • It's not about your gear withstanding a GT or any fish for that matter; it's a myriad of reasons such as can it cast the lure, can you stop it from cutting you off, are the fish there etc.
    For now, my advice is to slow down and do more research about GT fishing as it appears you are not prepared for the short time you have, July is around the corner.

    I have asked a friend or two if they know any charters that can take you; hopefully they come back.

  • SportAngler
    Agreed with Luke. You said never fish from a boat before. That make it harder.
    GT popping and jigging are really hardcore.
    Year long training and preparing for to cast hours after hours without a bite.
    Just go Bali and enjoy your holiday is my best advise.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    You can get in touch with (Mark Harris) on Facebook, he may be able to help you, I have told him you are going to message him and showed him this link. You can deal with the pricing of hopefully, depending on what you want to do and may be able to rent the gear to maybe using your gear brought to some light game; please note they are a commercial business.

    We all seem to be talking you out of the trip as we know how hard it is to plan for GT fishing, with that said we are happy with your passion to do this - decide after you talk to Mark, he could arrange something lesser for you to enjoy a spot of fishing.

    Good luck bro and tight lines. 
  • Melvin Lee
    Define "Cheap". Can you speak Javanese? The "local" boats there charges between 50USD to 150USD per day charter. The catch is they don't speak any other language except Javanese. Lastly as what both said, it can be a big challenge for you to even stand on a boat even when you are casting your popper. "Local" boats are pretty narrow (about 3feet width max), comes with a nice stabilizer though. Water condition there when normal is about 1m swell. :) 
  • superminnn
    Sorry for the late reply, thanks bros especially bro luke for the well thought information. I agree I am too eager for this type of fishing.. I will research more and slow down on this and decided not to this intense fishing unprepared. Maybe I will just bring my fishing gear to just do some casual fishing by the beach while enjoying the breeze at the shore. Are there any tips for that instead? 
  • SportAngler
    Try micro jigging from shore or rock. Should be good.
  • superminnn
    Thanks bro sport angler I will do so :) 
  • Luke Maow Bear
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    SportAngler is right; and it is what I do a lot now. I bring my light travel rod or most of the time a light 2 to 6 lb rod or thereabouts and a 1000 to 2500 size reels with many small soft plastics and small jigs. I use a 7.6 ft Kurodai rod by MajorCraft.

    No need a rod tube, go make a small PVC tube that is just right for the rod. Custom made PVC tubes allow you to make a shorter smaller tube meant for the rod.
  • superminnn
    Alright bro Luke, will do so :) Thank you again and sorry for the troubles
  • Michael Lim
    It's good to ask...  but we have to be realistic...  I too am very interested, but I think I would need at least a year or two to actually plan it out and acquire the gears in stages. (much easier on the wallet too as well instead of one shot dropping a HUGE sum of money)

    Also the physical prep you'd need to do and getting your body used to casting the big poppers, stickbaits for long distances and for the whole day too.

    Keep asking, at shops, from frens who did it, etc...  and learn more.  You'll hopefully be able to get a chance at it soon.
  • jmarshall
    Three years ago i booked a days popping charter for GT's off Bali on a family weekend trip and boy did i get a surprise on the physical exertion required casting poppers in heavy swells! I have to say even though we didn't hook up on the day it was a really enjoyable if exhausting experience, oh and it was also not kind on the wallet!

    But I did get the bug and i will be back better prepared!
  • juanaman27
    Professional charters in Bali is very pricey, catering to the international tourist market but there are local guides that can bring you out at a very decent cost at about $150- $200 on the traditional outrigger boat. You have a better luck to catch a GT on Jig rather than popping.Try jigging first over there, popping demand a lot of experience and control of your equipment and your physique. The popping setup i use is a Blackhole PE 3-6 rod and a 8000 reel fitted with PE 6 line which is very capable for a 20kg GT but my popping ground is actually in Lombok.
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