Jigging & popping in Kuching

Any idea where to jig & popping in Kuching? I've been in Paloh before but jigging doesn't work there. Wondering where to popping gt too
  • Melvin Lee
    Over the years of fisheries chain trolling, kuching has became a popular sand repository site for land reclamation projects. Many boat chartering operators resort to making their own reefs (umjam). Jigging still provide relatively good results only at such umjams. As for popping, you can try pulau natunas instead but thats indonesia although just next to sarawak. Nearest popping site in sarawak is bintulu where the operators brings their customers to oil rigs, you can check out marine harvest for details. They (local sarawakians) don't practice Catch and release of those GTs before so the catch may reduce over the years.

    Personally i prefer to pop in indonesia west and east Sulawesi.
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