Ocea Conquest 201HG or 301HG

Hi all, I'm looking to do mainly light tenya or light jigs. Have a ~PE1.5 rod. At the same time, looking forwards to doing a rompin trip so looking to get a reel that would work with heavier gear/line.

I understand that 301HG has a synchronised level winder which is what I'm attracted to as it'll prevent and unnecessary line stress or breaking the levewind if some thing big comes along.

Problem is that when dropping the jig/tenya there'll surely be some losses of energy / slowing down of the fall rate due to the energy needed to move the levelwind. Is it significant? Or are the gear smooth enough that it'll not be that noticeable compared to the 201HG. 

Mainly using 40-80g tenya on PE1.2 in SG waters.

201HG doesn't have a snychro levelwind I think? So it might be a problem if encountering larger / heavier species in Rompin.

I guess if money is no object, getting both would be ideal. heh heh.

Any advise from folks who have handled both these models before? Anyone tried the 301HG with light jigs around the 40g range?
  • monstrad

    ocea jigger is better for your purpose

    narrow spool, so u don't even need to finger the line to lay properly

  • Freakinfart
    hmmm.. 301HG too big for 40g jig in my opinion.

    im using 301 but PG well i did tried tenya and madai and bottom so far so good.

    actually levelwind wont break so easily la lol unless u kena like really really big monster.. even the legendary slowfall sato sensei is using the 300 conquest for shallow jigging (singapore more than enough)

    but if u want best of both world i guess 1501HG will be the best bet for you liao.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    I would go for for a 1501 HG. That will settle everything.
  • orleng
    Thanks for all the info and input! Really greatly appreciated @monstrad @Freakinfart @"Luke Maow Bear" 

    Been taking a look at the 1501HG as well and it does seem like a good contender. I've used 35mm wide spools before with no level wind and was not keen to try one without level wind again, but 25mm narrow spool seems manageable. 

    The only concern I have would be that would it be tiring / bulky / overkill to use for mainly tenya in SG waters on a light rod? 

    Really like the long arm on the 1501HG though. 
  • monstrad

    1k and 1.5k series is about 400g , difference is spool size

    2k series is about 600g

    narrow spool very easy to manage

    or u can buy a rod with spiral guide, by slight tilting of rod left or right, the line will lay right or left

  • orleng
    @monstrad Ahhhh ok, I see. Thanks a bunch! 

    Appreciate all the help. Will likely settle on a 1501HG.
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