Slow Jigging vs live prawns

Hi Guys

This would be my first post here on FK. I was introduced to fishing when i was younger by my dad. Since primary school, i would go with him during the June or even Oct/Dec holidays to Malaysia for deep sea fishing. That was easily 30 years ago! Then, we would just use hand lines, either a 1 night fishing or 2 nights fishing trip.

My first trip, i landed the most. Red Snappers and a Parrot fish around 40 - 50cm in length. There after, i would fish from shore with some of my mates. Just normal rod and spinning reels. All we did then was line, sinker and hook. With sotong or prawn as bait, at shorelines in Singapore.

After a long break, i did not fish. And only occasionally, did some fishing from island resorts that my family and i stay in. But it's just simple bamboo with line and hooks, catching small garoupa that are at the jetty. The kids loved it.

The last Singapore boat fishing i did was maybe a year back. And i got a Travelly which was a good fight. But that was the only one i got at the Southern Islands.

Recently, i have been re-exploring shore fishing in Singapore with mates. But the catch rate was dismal.

Then i read about slow jigging and how it is easier to target more fish and increase the chances of landing fish. I bought a Palms Metal Witch, matched it with a Shimano Torium 16, and PE2 line. I just came back from fishing at Mersing. It was a 3 days 2 nights kelong at Ah Fatt. On the second day, we took the boat out for 4 hours.

Ah Fatt itself, did not have a lot of variety of fish and they are quite small. My daughter got one of the better catches there, a yellow spotted garoupa that is around 20cm in length. That's right at the kelong. Even at high tide, Ah Fatt is around 12m water depth. Last weekend was full moon, and only the uncle who works there got 2 sotongs.

When taking the boat out, i managed to try out the slow jigging setup. But to my dismay, i did not hit anything. Water was around 30+m. Others on the boat were hitting ebeks and garoupa. My wife landed the largest, an ebek at 2kg. I eventually switched to live prawns that they are using, but no luck. The rest were using the standard rod, spinning reel, line, sinker, hook to tail of live prawn. This seems to be what the fishes preferred. They must have been laughing at the different 60gms jigs that i've been dancing in front of them.

Anyone had the same experience with slow jigging? Should it be done in water depths that are much deeper? What am i doing wrong?

We are planning another trip in the future to Mersing, but to deeper waters. Targeting heavier fish around the 3 - 5kg range. I would still want to bring my slow jigging setup, but i think in the end, i may have to switch to live prawns...
  • iam537
    I also just heard about slow pitch jigging. I have been watching youtube and it really looks interesting. I have also checked out this website and it's very informative. Hope that helps.

    I have a trip out to SCS from 3 - 5 June 2016 hence will try it out. Wish me luck!
  • garbage
    good luck! and do standby some live prawns.
    Try hooking a prawn to ur jig.. it may do magic for u ;)
  • Russell
    Hi Garbage,

    Don't waste time at Mersin, go Rompin (45-50 minutes drive only from Mersin), just do a search and book those boatman in Rompin, sure more happier then you fish in Mersin.
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