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I was with 2 frens in Ubin when Pasir Ris Pond had free fishing. Actually wanted to go to the pond to try my luck but was forced to go to Ubin by my frens... We bought all our things at Changi, 1Kg of Live Prawns, Sarong and 1/2 kg of Tamban. When we arrive at Ubin, it was already 3pm. The tide was at about 4plus and we hurried to get our usual taxi driver to send us there. When we reach near to the spot, we had to lug all our equipments (Total 3 or 4 bags per person) and walk 15 m- 20 mins to the spot because it was inaccessible to vehicles.

When we reach the "Spot", we immeidately, rig up the rods. I was the first one to start casting but didn't land anything. Another fren of mine who was the last one to cast out, immediately when the line (Appolo rig) hit the water, a "monster" hit his prawn instantaneuously. He "fought with it for about 5 - 10 mins before we netted it, a 3 over kilo Chermin. Since it was a almost full tide, we landed another 4 more KBL about average 2kg in weight. We had to stay overnight there as we could not find anything vehicle to bring us out. So we decided to wait until the next tide at 3am..

At about 12am, the tide was just beginning to rise, we decided to all use floats with light sticks. Mine was the first to go down, I was using a Shimano Reel with only 12Lb line and 30LB leader. I almost landed a 2 - 3 Kg KBL but it jump a few times and finally cut my leader line against its gills. What a waste! Next in line was a Blue spotted Sting Ray... Wasn't much of a fight but it was sure heavy, it took a Tamban bait. Another surprise yet, when we brough it up with our net, we noticed that something was coming out of its "Back". when we look closer, we realised that it was a baby sting ray.... Gawd, wat a manificent sight...we immediately, threw both Mother and Baby back into the water and we saw it swam away... Well, the rest of the night saw us landing Catfish and Eels, but other than that we caught nothing.... Well enjoy the pics, nothing much I can show...

  • Napolean
    Fantastic catch...
    3kg plus chermin is HUGE... never heard of anyone landing such a big one before...
    anyway free bring me ah... lucky you never go prp... would have regretted... lol...
  • Chinook
    Hi Bull,
    Very nice catch and good-sized fish too!
  • s999andy
    Wow.. nice catch :D
  • dwang
    is it a big stone the rays are resting on? catches i can say. live prawns are killers at that spot for sure.
  • bulldog
    Yes, it was resting on a big stone cos there was no other place to put..
  • sharkbait
    wow... nice the way where did u caught it? i been to ubin noordin beach but onli landed 1 catfish... i even try live prawn but it did not work...
  • bulldog
    Sorry man, this one is a secret spot in Ubin. The marine life there is so good. I am afraid that if more ppl find out that place, it will be destroyed. I hope you understand and besides my fren trust me not to say anything, so i won't.
  • BlueStream
    nice catch man... seriously...

  • Chinchalo
    Hey guys, good job and my admiration to your C&R for the rays, so small you might as well ask me to treat you to pratas.. hehe. Well done guys! :wink: But seriously, I will treat you to the pratas.
  • bulldog
    Yeah, it was really magical to see a stingray giving birth... A definit first for me.... anyway, thanks for the comments. I hope to see more people with good catches in Singapore... at least we will all know that there are still good places to fish in Singapore and the marine life is thriving.
  • henrypek
    A very good catch a as what you describe the spot is so wonderful with the natural habitat. I would love to join you guys in your next trip. When are you guys going? How about this Sunday???
  • bulldog
    This Saturday is not possible as i am in Thailand...maybe going to BSL AT LAST!! But maybe during the Vesak day holiday but have to see the tide if not got to stay over night again and I don't want to do that (A lot of wild boars around at night), lets see lets see....
  • henrypek
    Sigh...its really a pity. However i have checked on the tide tables. On Vesak day, the high tide is in the morning at 1024 - 2.7M. Low tide at 1611 - 1.0. I think if you are ok, we can all go together in the early morning. I can sponsor 2 kgs of live prawns and makan stuff. Please bring me along as i am only 1 person.
  • Jeffio
    can any experience angler verify this : i heard from some angler tat say when a stingray kenna caught or going to die, vice versa, they will giv birth to a baby stingray or so say they hav 2 lives.

    pls dun say i stupid or bo liao, just wanna verify. :roll:
  • Stephen See
    When the stingray gets caught, it will just give birth even if the baby is premature so as to preserve their kind.
  • Jeffio
    so its true ah???
  • Trevor
    Jeffio" said:
    so its true ah???
    Yeah baby :)
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