CR: Ultra-lite, Noodle rod and ISO at St John's Island

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Today, I met up with DesT from the forum and we went to St John Island with Jake. In search for the biggest garfish on ultra light 3-4lbs monofilament outfit.

As the Chinese saying goes, "YUAN ZHER SHANG GOU" meaning if the fish is willing to take, it will take anything". Today, I witnessed the legendary fishing without hook method of catching fish by Desmond Tan. And indeed, he didn't use any hooks for catching garfish. I inspected the outfit and it was only fishing line and toothpick. While, Jiang Tai Gong uses a nail to fish, DesT uses something similar, D TOOTHPICK!!!!

Total number of catch is around more than 5pcs and 2 big missed hookup and numerous missed average hookup for DesT.

Jake and me got most of the missed hookup today. Landed average size garfish only.

All garfish stripped at least 60-80metres of our line!!!!

Saw a couple of KBLs around 3kgs range but they didn't want to feed on our baits.

Jake was using an Black Hole ISO Fishing rod, DesT was using his famous G-Loomis Noodle rod and I was using a 5ft full carbon UL rod.

All our reels were screaming vigoriously upon hookups. WHAT A DAY!!

  • Fatman2
    Congrats guys.

    Man, Des can ask G Loomis for advertising their noodle rod. Look at the action of the rod. Incredible. Compliments to whoever took the picture too. Very nice.

    Hope people will not go and ta pao the KBL. Please let them live. It is so nice to be able to see them grow so big.

  • Jake
    A real eyeopener.
    I was thinking who left the bottle of toothpicks there.

    Also to add, there are also big KBLs there which refushed to take any bait.
    To the extend of me prodding them with my ISO rod, they just simply ignore us.
    All are almost 3kgs all so.

    StormZ .. do your stuff ! :twisted:

  • bugeyed
    Edmund, you probably are swelling like a pig now with that kinda burn :lol: fish this kinda weather, wrap that towel over the face and head, put on a commando cap that protects your face and neck....i do that...even have velcro sewn to my face towel to make things snappy :D
  • StOrM
    hmmm if i was there today.. i think from today onwards the kims see me will all siam liao.. hahaha.... let them koe my power of my backside shooter!!!!!!! haha
    :shock: ....the bend of the rod very nice...may i know wat rod is that...
    sorry,i mean wat the brand of the rod....
  • fosey
    he stated it. it's a G Loomis Noodle Rod
  • triptyce
    oh man...i am so tempted to go...think will head down this thursday with 1 of my hand is too itchy for saltwater fishes...and can test out my light tackle which i recently the ferry leaves at 10am? at the ferry terminal?
  • Thunder
    How to fish with toothpicks? Care to share the method?
  • Des T
    OK folks, I'm now back in action after finishing a major exam paper.
    It's very stressful to go fishing on the eve of an important exam.

    The initial guilt feelings were almost as bad as the frying I got under the scorging Sun:
    I should be at home right now doing my revisions. What am I doing here ?!
    I still haven't studied chapters 7 - 12. I'll bet the exam Qs will all be based on these very same topics.
    I shouldn't be here! I shouldn't be here! I shouldn't be here!!

    Believe me when I say it took a lot of soul-searching, steely determination, critical self-analysis, to come to a cold final realisation of what is deemed essential in my life.
    Yes, I have seen the light ! I shall do what is truely right.
    I wiped a tear from my eye. I felt calm. My mind was at peace.

    So I casually picked up that fishing rod.......
    and made that first cast.
    An immediate hook-up! It's a biggie!! Woohooo!!
    I've made the right decision.

    Fish on, I say!

    Des T
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