Abu 6500 drag problem

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My fren got a Abu 6500 whose drag is not working as required. When tighten all the way, the line still comes out... what could be the problem? He has cleaned the drag and do whatever he can but the line still goes... anyone knows what could be the problem or knows of any shop that he can bring it to repair or service? Also, what would the cost be like? Thanks for the info. :D
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    How long have the reel been used? If too long until you have even forgotten when, then it's time for you to change the drag.

    Usually for 6500 series, even if fully tighten the drag will still moved because of the limitation of such class. Infact almost all star drags are the same, you cannot have a fully locked drag. It is only when a max drag is set, you determine the drag tension as strong or weak. If it is weak, time to change drag pads or the drag washers might be worn but quite seldom.

    Not too expensive to change the drag pads, please do ask before you decide. Shops like AO, Joe Tackle and Changi Pro should have what you want.
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