ah chai - guhood trip

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lotsa action, but mainly from pussies ..... only a handful guhood landed. this is the kinda fishing where dead bait works better than live.

boatman is very friendly, always wear a smile on his face.

  • Ah Gu
    Good catch. Location?
  • Skid Row
    Ah Gu" said:
    Good catch. Location?
    location is changi area. the two brothers are very nice people.

    one thing to note is to use thin leader to target those gu hood.

    btw, gu hood is a very nice tasting fish :)
  • Melvin Lee
    Ah chai got Brother?? Tot he's OMO???? :roll:
  • pp389
    Wah ... one happy moo

    mel, you still owe me something

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