Mama Batang

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Big mama Tengirris from the Ribbon Reefs in the Great Barrier Reef.

The first pic is a 15kg & 23kg specimens sandwiching a 3kg baby. The second pic is a 30kg. For scaling purposes, the icebox is actually 5 feet across.

All fishes caught on the troll. 15kg & 23kg caught on the Accurate Boss 665EN loaded with 50lb PP with a loop-to-loop 20 feet of 60# wind-on leader. The 30kg was caught on an ATD30 2 speed loaded with 600 yds of Jerry Brown 80# hollow spectra topshot with about 200 yds of 50# Sufix Keylime mono. Lure used was the Halco Laser Pro 180 with hooks & splitrings switched to appropriately sized stronger Owners or Decoys.

  • dafrogman
    Nice Macks, Mak,

    Did you catch those mamas?



    P.S. Thanks for the PM.
  • Makaira
    Hi Saimee,

  • Mike Goh
    Wha that guy look like ikan billis :lol: :lol:

    Sorry no offence, i was just trying to say that the Fish is BIG :wink:
  • abfackeln
    Don't know about the fish, but i love the design of the boat, a bit dangerous though.
  • dafrogman

    Now that last photo really put the size of that mama into perspective. Phew great fish and the sea conditions looked interesting too....

    We are having some real bad weather here too, yesterday one of the crews lost a man in 8 foot seas, he hasn't been found yet and we pretty much fear the worst.

    There looks to be another big system developing in the western Pacific so anybody doing long range trips in our area take note.

    Y'all stay safe out there.


  • Blackmarlin
    Hi Saimee,

    Lets pray that he is in safe land now.

    Hope to hear some good news from you.
  • dafrogman

    Very unfortunately the lost man did not make it and his body was recovered 2 days later..... not far from where he fell off.

    Was not wearing a life jacket so there you go... this happens, so I guess take note all the guys out there...

    Y'all stay safe, sorry to deviate the thread Makaira.


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