CR: 1.5kg Grouper

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Cast towards island from Ponggol MarinaCaught with Century Tip Tornado Super Match rod.

Upon reaching ponggol marina with my closed group of friends. Everybody was busy setting up their rods. As usual, my style of setting up upon reaching the fishing spot, I took my own sweet time rigging up my rods again.

I will always carry the Zziplex Primo Lite and Century Tip Tornado Super Match for fishing. They both will serve different purposes. For example, the Primo Lite will be the rod to cast the 100gms with 2 hooks, apollo style on an Abu 6500 with 12lbs on 50lbs shock leader. This is to target pelagics and smaller species only since the hooks were pretty small in size. But it is also capable of landing biggies in the right hands.

The Super Match will be the big bait and I mean big game on surf rod. Casting only big bait fish, chunk or fillet of fish meat or squid. Usually coupled with a high speed, powerful and smooth drag Daiwa SL 30 SH for easier handling to avoid snags. Loaded with 33lbs Sufix Synergy without shock leader for normal casting style on a size 6 teardrop sinker.

I wasn't expecting the Super Match to catch on the grouper when I was holding the Primo Lite in my hands for immediate response to fish bites. As it was mended to be a big game fishing rod, it is supposed to strip line on the long run. Instead, the rachet went clicking for a few second only.

I knew it wasn't a standard sized fish at the end of the line on the Super Match given the behaviour of the rachet clicking. Hences, I took my time retriving the Primo Lite which was holding on my hand.

Anxiously, Neil Daneil spotted my slow reaction on the line out. He shouted at me, rushing me to react faster to the Super Match.

At that time, I was still telling myself that it's just a small one and need not rush myself into it. If it would to throw out the hook, then let it be as its just a small one.

Upon picking up the Super Match and started cranking, it went all the way left despite the current going right. There, I know that it must be something of reasonable size, say 2kgs and above but I didn't knew what it was until it came back to me. A nice 1.5kgs grouper!!!

Never know that the grouper actually took the bait on the Super Match instead of the Primo Lite. It would have provide great fun on the Lite if it wasn't caught on the Super Match.

What a day.....
  • Anonymous
    nice catch!!!

  • captainkembong
    since we're talking about groupas, i thought i would share my CR too.

    We were waiting for a convergence of events, what we needed was:-

    1. Highest tide around 6 - 7 a.m.
    2. Must be on a saturday night

    Reason, the spot we went if we go too early is damn noisy! Fish sure frightened away and by noisy, i am NOT exaggerating.

    Anyway, at about 2.30 a.m. we went to the spot and started fishing (the spot will be revealed at the end), tried apollo rigs casting a bit further out, nothing. Tried float, nothing. In the end, decided to just spin with a live prawn or just let it sit there.

    Time passes.

    While reeling in, WHAM! Fish ON!!! Immediately it dived for the bottom and stuck itself there, so no choice, tighten drag, tension on and play guitar till the fish decided to swim out. Run a bit, retrieve a bit more and finally got it out.

    By that time it was about 6.30 - 7.00 a.m., finished off our bait and went home. Kept the fish alive for as long as possible, finally killed and cleaned it and it was lunch for the whole family. Sweet!

    By the way, the spot is UOB Plaza, the steps at the front, fish was caught near the statue of the big bird.

  • Jeffio
    Nice Catch!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • dtyr
    groupers, i love them best!!!
    nice catch dudes.....
  • vaped
    ...catch Edmund, will u be willing to share what rig did u used, size of hook, bait and hw far did u cast out? i was there last sunday....heh...but except for a few pasir pasir and a small tudong periuk, small pari theres nothing table size fish caught. :oops:
  • Anonymous
    vaped" said:
    ...catch Edmund, will u be willing to share what rig did u used, size of hook, bait and hw far did u cast out? i was there last sunday....heh...but except for a few pasir pasir and a small tudong periuk, small pari theres nothing table size fish caught. :oops:

    4/0 Long Shank, cast around 70metres. Using a Daiwa SL 30 instead of the LD 50. All as shown in the picture.
  • vaped
    ...4/0 shank hook...thanks for the info....errr...what abt the bait? :D
  • Jacktrevally
    Nice fishos!
  • dcool
    Hi Edmund,

    I just like to confirm something with you. I read your CR twice and i still am not sure if i have read correctly. You mentioned that you caught the fish at Ponggol Marina? The place where there are boats and there is a pub facing the water..etc. Is that the ponggol marina ? The one in ponggol end?( silly question.. i know ) I have been there a couple of times. But i always thgt that there is a big no fishing sign there on the boardwalk. I go there quite often bc my frd wake board from there quite often but mostly during daytime so thats why i didnt see anyone fish there.. I havent subscrible to be FK member yet, so cant PM you direct. So maybe if you are unwilling to post more info, i hope you can email me at Thanks Edmund hope to see ard at ponggol marina. Best Regards,

    nice grouper....
  • Thongy
    whoa...... nice groupers there...

    nice one Edmund ! Been a long time since I had one of that at a chinese wedding banquet in a restaurant.... :lol:

    well done....

    the SL30SH is the dog's doodahs for big bait fishing, eh ?

    I'm actually biased, as I also use one for the same purpose.... :wink:
  • cs_ikan_bilis
    Wah what a BIG Grouper. Will make a nice dish or sweet and sour garoupa. Yummy Yummy.
  • captainkembong
    i wish to share that the grouper i caught was at Boat Quay, had to check tide timings correctly, when my kaki and i went, it was 3 plus in the morning, highest tide was abt 6.30 a.m.

    water there is now very clean, we got the fish at about 6.30 a.m. also, for casting kakis, there are/were schools of mullet swimmin around but i understand that the bottom is not very good so be careful with your nets

    one of my friends works in Straits Trading Building and is also a fisho, he has breakfast around there every morning and says that he saw fish jumping in the early morning, whether talang or KBL he could not confirm

    if anyone decides to go, good luck!
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