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I've no intention of offending fishingkakis.
I wish to purchase a Casting Net for catching mullets for live baiting purposes only. Reason: The place I'm working, i.e. Lobam Bintan have got Big KBL. Sighted 2kgs - 9kgs size. Tried Luring, works at times but sometimes KBL mood change to live mullet.

So how to select the right casting net?
Understand mesh hole size affect the speed of sinking to the bottom? Next type of weights, heard ring wt sinker can improve the opening of cast net?
What about length of cast net? if use on boat or jetty?
Last, where sell the mullet cast net? if no, any custom built?
Hope kind Net Caster can contribute your valuable comments ....
  • goldfish
    Hi I like the brown type preferably with chain ones and not sinker type. The white ones seems to get dry and hard easily but most say its better. The bigger the better but harder to cast. What is a mullet cast net? Beach road got sell normal ones. So long ago liao. hope didnt remember wrongly and hope this helps.
  • Allen
    Lawrento" said:
    Tried Luring, works at times but sometimes KBL mood change to live mullet.
    It what we call different time different needs, lunch, dinner, tea, supper. We don't eat chicken rice during tea and supper, don't eat bisket during lunch.

    If you can accept they don't bite at certain time you be still be luring them at the end of your contract in Bintan.
    Using live bait can wipe them out pretty fast so use it moderately. Of couse its your choice, u decide for the future.
  • Unknown
    I am using the white cast net that have small hole size, it is the type used mostly for prawn netting. The brown chain type have larger hole.
    I do not approve of netting as well but I use it only to catch live mullet or bait fish.
    can use live prawn also
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