Tanjong Pinang Boat Trip (11th June - 12 June 2005)

  • Ah-Hai
    It looks like elly kelong but the last time I was there(3-4yrs back, we only had thin mattresses on the floor. Guessed elly must have been making good money. heh heh.

    Fishing in the "pond" is a bit tough because it is infested with seaweed and if you were to use light tackle, you have to re-tie the line every now and then due to sangkot. For lures, use the floating type, coz because of the same reason, you will lost your lure.

    I normally use light tackle in the day time and just cast near the rock or weeds. Sure have bites!! At night, I will use heavier tackle, coz need to "plough" through the weeds when you are retrieveing.

    Fishing in the pond is quite productive and it produces monsters once awhile. I ever caught garoupers of 5kg and above there. Best bait to use is to catch the "ching bak" at night and bait the whole bugger and just cast a short distance out. Almost 100% take. As to whether you lend it or not, that will very much depend on your skill. I lost several due to skill. :(

    Overall, the ambience there is very good for relaxing and Elly is a very nice person who actually will give you fishes if you ask for it. :P

    Really miss that place.......
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