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nelayan asli
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boat fishing at changi waters

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  • fibuo
  • nelayan asli
    attack of the duri,s ,i believe its the duri seasons
  • Anonymous
    Aren't this the same posting as this? :roll:

    duri's galore
  • nelayan asli
    how can i delete this post,first time post a cr,sorry
  • jason
    boat trip or from land???
  • Anonymous
    Delete the previous posting and edited the picts of this.
  • Xccess
    ohhh man!!! What is happenning??? Why so many catfish??? Looks abit scary for me :roll: :roll: but anyway nice pic :lol: :lol:

  • D.F
    Duri Empire is expanding in S'pore water.
    We need to recall more "Storm TRoopers" like "nelayan asli" to fight back.
    :smt066 :smt067 :smt068 :smt071 :smt070 :smt100
  • nelayan asli
    all the duris was caught on boat,changi water near changi naval base
  • dom07
    wah scary siah so many........
  • dorado_02
    Hi Nelayan Asli,
    That is a good size Duri and shark too ,the fight must be dam good.
    So ,Duri goes with asam pedas ? =P~ that is the best. Shark with curry =P~ .
    Keep up the catch report.

  • xiaoing u fish
    wowowowow.......duri duri and more duri......hahaha....nice catches man.....looks like duri's never ending.....time for the kill man
  • nelayan asli
    duri already cooked ,asam pedas and the taste was fabulous,shark still in the fridge waiting to be cook,haha!
  • crossback
    cannot believe my eyes......... :shock:
    u use sure catch duri lure ah??????hahaha
  • Alan
    Hormat Moderator, hormat senja...ta!
  • barra
    wa.......... did you catch the entire "seng" family? btw, big size duri will give you a very good fight. good job.
  • Aero_GT
    Wow near to bring out my surfcast set n head for our duri spot,heard from some of my frens also,its DURI SEASON everyone,last week my frens caught those 2-5kg range with biggest of 7kg :shock: .
  • hackernox
    anyone know what shark is that? Look like a bull shark to me :shock:
  • nelayan asli
    i,m not sure what shark is it? can anyone advise? both shark was caught with 40 pound handline, the big duri give me a good fight!!!!! i love the action!!!
  • hackernox
    I think it is a bull shark. Check out the position of all the fins with the fishbase pic and it matches well. Except for the coloration which can be quite different in juvenile and adult fish. Surprise to see them. ... ame=leucas

    Abstract from fishbase
    "Very hardy and lives well in captivity, probably the most dangerous species of tropical shark (Ref. 244), it is repeatedly implicated in attacks on humans " :shock:
  • hackernox
    BTW it can grow up to "350 cm TL (male/unsexed; Ref. 30573); max. published weight: 316.5 kg" Quoted by Fishbase.

    350cm = 10 footer plus plus. :shock: don't play play.
  • hackernox
    nelayan asli have you Chopped and Refrigirated (C&R :)) the shark yet?

    Would you be able to id it based on the following website :)
  • 900801
    nice catch my mouth drolling :smt078
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