12/06 : ray at bedok jetty

Skid Row
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This ray was caught at around 1am by this guy using a heavy duty surf outfit.

It was rather hilarious to watch the crowd’s reaction when the guy’s friend failed to scoop the ray into the sotong net after a few attempts. And when the ray is finally scooped into the net, there was a sign of relief on everyone’s face. :smt043

Notice the sparkling thingy on the back of the ray?? I do not think it is a reflective tissue on the skin of the ray cos if you see carefully, there is also some on the floor.

What is it? :roll:

  • jason
    maybe the sperms leaked out........
  • D.F
    If it is a female ray, than maybe having her period.
  • Icebomb
    nice ray...notice the weight he using......u don find these type of weight anymore....collectors item...
  • jertkw1987
    those reflective stuff look like some eggs.. tanjong rhu got lots of them.. jelly like wan
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