Shimano Trinidad

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I have not seen anyone mentioning this reel. Hows this reel? Anyone know the price (sayTN20)?

  • Allen
    Hi, from what I know. Orginally TN is designated for the US market, but over sgp here we got both Jigger and Trinidad, they are quite the same so in performance but in paper spec Jigger look much attractive.
    I guess it to impress the asian market, while in US always spec lower than its can perform.

  • abfackeln
    Just get the Jigger, don't bother about the Trinidad.
  • dafrogman
    The trinidad is almost identical to the Shimano Kaikon and some of the Shimano Jiggers.

    The Kaikon 4000 is the equivalent of the Trinidad 30. The main differences are that the Kaikon comes with a spool lock mechanism for busting off when you get snagged. The Trinidad does not have the spool lock, but comes with a variable clicker adjustment, a feature which quite a few anglers in the US remove or disable, since it affects the freespool of the reel.

    The Jiggers come in similar sizes, I think a Jigger 3000 is the equivalent of the TN20, but the newer jiggers i.e. the 4000 and 5000 have bigger (probably stronger) gears, a taller narrower spool, frame and profile and they come with twin Anti-Reverse Dogs and double the drag stack of the TN or Kaikon.


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