Win some, Lose some... 22 Dec 2021

Michael Lim
Another day, another mission...  This time a weekday one.

I took leave and arrived early for breakfast and promptly met up with my kaki, Meow.  Finishing up the food, we bought lunch and quickly headed over to the boarding area.

We set up quickly and headed out.  The first area was a bust and we didn't get anything there.

The second spot didn't offer much either and was pushing us a tad fast on the drift.  But Meow managed to bring up one lizardfish, took a quick snap and dropped it back into the water.

We moved yet again and tried in another spot.  In between sangkots and quiet drifts, I got a very good take and it was all over in seconds...

The fish bent the rod over, took line and snapped the leader clean.  Argh....  It must have been solid to have bust it off so quickly and fiercely.

Re-rigged and keep trying....  finally I struck one decent one.  A MJ...

Thereafter, the boat captain also hit one, a better specimen of MJ too.  Both were spiked, ikejime and bled before placing into the ice box.

Meow lost many tenyas, I lost a couple too to snags.

Then I switched to my Takamitechnos and Catalina setup for some slowfall just for the fun of it.  I rummaged thru my jig bags and found a Daiwa Slow Knuckle 120gm in silver with pink/blue accents, rigged it with double hooks on both ends and sent it down.  It fluttered down slowly and after a while I was told that I had snagged with my boat captain's line.  He was hauling his line up and I free spooled and allowed him to bring it up.  Clearing his line, he felt that my line was pulling.  I told him I had free spooled already and wasn't taking any line...

He was concerned about the prop tangling and he quickly lifted up the outboard to check.  But there was no snags there either.  The next conclusion was quick...  a fish.  He quickly dropped the line as he was unable to handline the braided line without danger to his hands.

I saw the line's slack get taken up and my rod just bent slightly...  The next moment was painful... drag peeled slightly before the main line burst...

I was heartbroken...  Not by the lost of the fish.  But by the lost of the jig.  Sayonara...

Really puzzled by this fish.  What could it have been??

Re-rigged and tried a couple more spots...  But it was not to be...

1 to me,
1 to boat captain,
1 small win to Meow
4 wins to the fishes today.  2 busted me off, and 2 took the lines into the holes for Meow...

Well... We'll be back again.

But before that, time to reload on the lost gear...  though I think it would be VERY VERY hard for me to find the Daiwa Slow Knuckles again...  Haiz.
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