Legend Approved ?? - 28 Nov 2021

Michael Lim
edited November 2021 in Catch Reports
Finally with the easing of the number of pax being allowed to meetup, I quickly made a call and booked for a trip quickly and gathered up the gang (we missed out on the trip the last round due to the Covid restrictions)

After fueling up and getting our gears, we boarded with high spirits.  Heading out, we initially wanted to do some exploration trips.  But after being told that there may be not much targets around, we decided to go back to our usual spots.

First few drifts were a bit slow and quiet.  There was a nibble on my tenya, I gave it a pause then I struck....
winding up, I realised it was a small fella...

turns out, it was this fella 

So, I offered it up to our altar and submitted to our Legend for approval.

Without anymore bites, we shifted a couple of times and went back to the shallows.  There it was much better.  There was decent bites after all...

yet I was still getting weird combos

My luck kinda improved slightly over the arumugams...

Talking about mugams, we decided it might be a funny thing to create the stickers for cars.

MUGAM power 

It was a nice day, with laughs, fishes though sporadic...  and good fun even with the numerous amount of times we had sangkots...  probably out of practise...  LoL

We elected to pack up early and have a good rest.

Got home and cleaned up the fishes

Time to plan the next trip.
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