18th April 2021 Of broken virgin and tip

Michael Lim
Tide was so low, we had to board from the ferry terminal today...  Gotta remind myself not to book such low tide trips in future.  LoL

We headed out and tried various spots, but we didn't get any hits until we reached the shallows.

First fish on and it was a ikan gelama (croaker) on tenya.

Not too bad to break the virgin on his relatively new Kohga rod.

We managed wrasses, blue line hinds, arumugams, etc...

And it was good enough that Melvin managed to crank up a small MJ on deep diver, too bad there wasn't enough pull on the small fella.

We moved on to other spots and managed more.  I caught 2 MJs and dispatched them ike jime

Melvin caught another MJ on tenya too, did I miss that pic?  LoL

and we got more blue lines as well....  even some decent sized ones

Sad to say, the trip had to end on a bad note...  Melvin managed to sangkok his tenya rig and while he was trying to clear the snag, he wrapped the line on the tip and the line pulled the tip back onto itself and snapped off...

Well, time to BBB and get a new setup....  LoL
  • MelvinLai
    edited April 2021
    But I must admit, without Michael Lim's recommendation, I wouldn't have gotten this rod. I have brought it out on 2 other occasions, but those 2 were during Jan when the monsoon wind was still blowing and the current was strong. Very strong. When this rod was for light tip, fast action tenya. Both trips ended up ice cream on both trip until this fateful yet unfortunate trip  

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