Fishing in Changi compared to fishing in southern islands - fishing techniques/styles - what works?

to all the fishing gurus out there, i am starting a discussion to get your input based on your experience of what fishing styles work in changi area N and NE singapore, vs. South/SW/SE singapore. 

Based on my limited knowledge, Changi area is generally shallower, water is more murky resulting in different species of fish vs. southern side.  fish I see only in changi side but never/rarely in southern in Kims, hybrid garoupas, mangrove jack.  

when i go to changi and i try to use fishing styles that i use at southern island, i hardly catch anything.  this is after 5 trips of trying tenya, jigging, madai.  many people have told me to use simple apollo and running sinker at changi.  

please give your knowledge of what works in changi and why?  how to improve catch rate there.

  • Michael Lim
    I tenya in both Changi and Southern.  The main difference is in the bottom.  You can see my catch reports previously written up.

    In Changi, you find both rough bottoms as well as patches where it can be mud or sand.  In Southern, we tend to aim more for the reef patches or structures of contours.

    And again, even for Changi and Southern, each boatman have their regular areas where they specialise in.  So it all boils down to how you fish each area.

    Mebbe you can advise on what you were doing in Changi and the type of tackle used and mebbe we can explore what might be done differently to get better results.
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