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Hi Guys. 

Sorry if below is going to sound stupid to you guys but, i'm new to fishing, so i'm hoping for some kind souls to advise me.

I'm wondering what kind of setup is recommended for sea fishing? like, minimum length for rod and minimum reel size? 

Thank you in advance guys! 
Cheers & have a great week ahead. 
  • Michael Lim
    There is no minimum as there are so many genres and types of fishing out there.

    You can do it from the coast or a kayak/small boat at the shallows.  And that can be as light as 4 to 6lbs as with micro jigging setups used for pelagic fishing of catching sagai, etc.  Light luring outfits can also be used.

    There is also boat luring where you target areas like breakwaters, mangroves, structures and cast or troll lures in those areas.  It can range from anywhere about 8 lbs to 30lbs or more depending on target and structure.

    There is tenya, light bottom fishing all the way up to heavy bottom fishing.  Also ranges depending on individual choices and what you want to target,

    Heaviest I know of would be the trolling setups where lines may be 130lbs or more and you target those thousand pounder marlins, bluefin tuna, etc

    Each is genre and type where you need to learn and understand better.  Go check them out and see which you wish to know more about and, we can then help you with more info.

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