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Hello everyone, 

I like to seek out to all anglers who are keen in offshore fishing(local or overseas) and only available to fish on Monday. I personally work in the market and love offshore fishing, however my days for fishing are usually when the market is close or when the market is due washing. 

The main purpose for this whatsapp group is mainly to facilitate anglers sourcing of kakis for Monday offshore fishing trip. I personally have trips almost every month; although some trip are full I still have trip that are in planning process. 

This group can cover subjects from offshore fishing trip, baits, sharing boatman contact, and to even tackles talks.

So be it you are same as me working in the market from any part of Singapore, or even you off day are usually on Monday, or even you are big bosses or retirees; please feel free to whatsapp me at 90126001(Koon) stating you will like to join this group or leave a message here if you are keen to join the group (I will add you).

For all the Monday fishingkakis, I sincerely looking  forward to hear from you guys! 

Take care and enjoy fishing!
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