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Seems FK has done some revamp to the Classifieds section. I can not login with my current FK ID as it only accepts email address login now. How come? Also all previous posts and sold items are back  listed in the Classifieds as available even though I have marked them as Sold in the past. As such I have been receiving whatsapp messages all weekend enquiring about my past items which have already been sold. To make it more frustrating, I am unable to login to Classifieds to remove those items or re-update them as Sold. If I can login to this forum with my ID, I should be able to use the same ID for the Classifieds as I have always done. If FK is “improving” or outsourcing their Classifieds section, please make it seamless for us users thank you. Also there is no link back to this forum page on the Classifieds section like before. Whyyyyyyyy?
  • Luke Maow Bear

    Allow me to address your issues.

    1. We've moved to logging in with your email; did you forget your email address?
    2. There is a Mark as Sold feature, you can add all your items back to sold
    3. We are adding the link back to the forum page next week, all good.

    PM me on the Forum, with your username.

    Luke Maow Bear
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