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Looking forward coming Sunday trip at Changi / Ubin / Tekong Area  

This Sunday trip with 5-kakis, hope we could break by Record of Changi-GT three years ago....

interested kakis can join us on next trip... 

  • scorpico
    Can pm details? 
  • alypapa
    Hi bro pls pm details for future trips
  • Michael Lim
    No advertising allowed here.

    Kindly use the Classifieds if you wish to list your charter services.
  • Desaru-VIP
    Sorry Sorry...
    Almost three years never log-in, forget all the regulations...
    will amend the post accordingly...
  • Desaru-VIP
    Sharing/Update the catch-report for all the fishing-kakis..  last Sun trip on Aug 02, 2020 (Hot-Weather and Strong-Wind,  but Underneath water cool,  Catch-Rate much below Average,  fishes lost it Appetite due to "Cool-water" condition)...

    Today-Tuesday  Aug 04, 2020  go out again to try my luck....

    Then next scheduled will be on Coming Sunday-09/08/2020... 

  • moorthyarunasalam
    I like to join  this Sunday trip please advice I am alone.

  • Desaru-VIP
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    Aug 04, 2020 (Tue) : 7~8 Fishing-Boats all gather together,  most of the boats go back early because of running out of Baits and their Cooler-Box almost full of the catch on 04/08/20....   

    Most of the boats with more than 20 "Ang-Joe" or "Groupers"...   My neighours FK Ching alone with 13-"Ang-Joe" and his boat with total 4FKs,  Total catch 29-"Ang-Joe" and  3- "Groupers" ...

    Plan to go out try my luck again on Coming Sun-9/8/20-National-Holiday-Day,  can see the Jet-Fighter from Changi Sea.... 

  • Desaru-VIP
    National-Day (Captain Urgent Call) :

    very last-minutes-call for urgent Fun-

    fishing at Changi Area.

    Today caught 108-fishes (Not included the Catch & Released). 
  • jiaming7
    Hi please pm details thanks:)
  • Desaru-VIP
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    Uncle-Chia  =   (Desaru-VIP-C&R-Fun-Fishing) 

    Following Catch-Report Photo 

    was Aug Month Uncle-Chia's Fun-Fishing-Trip @ Changi, Ubin and TeKong area .....
  • BenHur
    Hi,Am interested in the trip.  please pm details. 
  • Desaru-VIP
    edited October 6

  • Desaru-VIP
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