Looking for advice on buying fishing boat

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Did a bit of research, and wanted to pick the brains of the kakis here. 

Started with me looking for a fishing boat that can also sleep a family of 3 comfortably for overnighters. Size is 30'-40'. 

Currently using Pursuit OS325 as a base for comparison. I'm thinking if I go for a new boat, might as well throw in Yamaha Helm Master and SeaKeeper if possible. I was comparing that to a few other brands, like Grady White, Boston Whaler, Robalo (they don't seem to have a cabin express version). Out of my price range would be Viking, Hatteras (GT45X). At that price range, what would kakis here recommend? Would be good if you could share your considerations over a particular model. 

I was also looking for used boats, but not very familiar with the scene, as I could see many almost new ones for sale in places like US. Not very sure regionally where to go to browse. Any advice here would be appreciated too, as the Singapore buy/sell scene is quite limited. 

Thanks in advance!
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