Entry-level spinning reels

Hi, recently I came across 3 reels, the Daiwa BG, Daiwa Fuego LT and the Daiwa Exceler LT. For a person who mostly lures at prmp and occasionally orto and fw3, which of the reels is a btr buy?

I feel that the BG mite be a little heavy and the fuego flexes under load (not sure how bad it is) but at the same time the exceler has 1 less bearing.

Hope some pros wld be able to drop some advice. Thankyou
  • Luke Maow Bear
    They are all good starter reels, get either one of them then decide on the feel, if you don't like it - sell it and get another.

    Just have fun.
  • SportAngler
    For luring  2500 LT reel is a better ones. But I will not recommend it at FW3.
    FW3 fishes are way too big. A BG is a better one fot heavy game but not for luring.
  • billyyyyy
    ok thankyou. would the lt reels get busted if fished at fw3? 
  • SportAngler
    billyyyyy said:
    ok thankyou. would the lt reels get busted if fished at fw3? 
    ​It depends on how you play the fis. If you are the kind that zhang hard, not that confident on the LT.
  • billyyyyy
    so shld i get the bg 2500 fr an all rounder multi purpose? or shld i get 2 separate reels? how bout shimanos like the nasci?
    sry fr the amt of qns. thankyou
  • SportAngler
    I suggest you get a 2000-2500 for luring and BG3000-3500 for bigger fish.
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