Advice on beginner setup - surfcasting

Hi all,

I am new to surfcasting and would like to buy a new setup. I've been researching but it seems like there are too many options out there and I am quite lost. 

Any recommendation for the brand and type of equipment? 

1. Spinning Reel - which brand and model
2. Rod - brand and model
3. Main fishing line
4. Leader line 

My budget is 200-300 in total.

Thanks in advance!!!!
  • RedemptionVII
    edited March 21
    If you dont mind a 2nd hand rod i can sell you one. Pm me if you interested. I post picture of the rod. I use shimano baitrunners oc. If you want .budget baitrunner go online look for kastking sharky baitfeeder 3. Its roughly 50 to 70 $
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