FS 26ft X 7ft open center console.

Looking to sell half share of this boat for 10k sgd. 

I will also contribute 10k sgd. 
The boat can be bought at $10,500. 
The balance funds will be used for transportation and importation, GST taxes, new electronics and some minor touch up if need be. The rest will kept in a floating fund bank account held by both of us for future maintenance. 

The boat condition is pretty good from the picture. It is currently located in sedili.

26ft X 7ft open center console
Floorboard should be around 5ft6in for this type of boat. 
90hp 2 stroke mercury engine.

If anyone keen, pm me and we can discuss further to go down and view the boat.

The boat will be berthed at safyc sembawang initially, I'm a member there. 
Berthing fees for wet berth are
$300 for the berth
$40 for utilities (estimated) 
$80 for membership subscription. 
Future location of berthing can be discussed further as I'm keen on RSYC and open to RM. 

I'm not a first time boat owner so I have some but limited experience with owning a boat. Reason for choosing this boat is I wanna keep it as simple as possible. 

Boat usage wise I'm quite flexible as I work shift so won't be using it every weekends. Will use max twice a week in the beginning. Will most probably use it once a month or once every 2 months in the long term.

Only looking to share with 1 person. 

Thanks for reading.
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