Anodizing a conquest?

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Anyone know if this is possible and if there’s someone who can do it in SG?
  • 1.5bar
    I only know that it’s possible to chrome it.
  • ayeo42300
    Yes, you can send it for hard anodizing but you need to strip out all the parts and send it to a plating shop.
  • nuvole
    Anything is possible if you have $$$.

    Question is it is worth it?

    If its a reel with memorable value, and you plan to leave it as "display collection"
    Then you have to remove all non aluminum parts.
    The workshop will do the striping and cleaning before anodising.

    If its going to be a ongoing fishing reel, and you are planning to anodise it for longer lifespan,
    then look into getting some Henkel Alodine. They are rather difficult to get in small volume in sg.
    I've tried the M-CR1132(safer to work with) and 1200s(powder, very corrosive stuff).
    Both works well for me. To work with 1200s, nitrile glove and mask is a must!
    And I've mention before, its not easy to get it in sg :-)

  • kahawai
    ok thanks. I'll go check it out!
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