Caution eWaves Fishbyte Lazada Order Missing Items

Just a word of caution to fellow anglers who may order stuff online from Ewaves. I ordered 7 jigs but only had 3 inside the package. Either the Ninja Van guys or the Fishbyte store is cheating. I cannot contact the Fishbyte store on their phone and they don't answer the Lazada chat I have with them. Damn 20+ dollars down the drain. Cannot trust this retailer from this point on. Hope others don't get played out as well. I guess this is the risk of online purchasing.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Noted bro; I could not help draw a comedic conclusion that you got Ninjaed! (Ninja Van)

    Give them a moment; 7 days and see if you can get an outcome, I have a similar situation with Scoot where they lost my items and even I know it has been stolen, they need 7, 14 and 21 days. Sigh. So let's see if they get back to you soon.

    Hang in there bud, keep us updated and thanks for giving us a heads up. I am optimistic you will hear from them soon.

  • mindstory
    Thanks Luke. I did get a reply from them and I hope it will be resolved soon. Strange though that the order was shipped out grossly below quantity. It is not different Color or model Which would be considered a very common mistake, but more than half missing items and being items with some weight to them like metal jigs seems almost deliberate. The package even stated a weight of 1.2 kg but in fact it was only a couple hundred grams. Clearly been ninja’d lol. Disappointed cos really need these for the weekend jigging trip.
  • mindstory
    Update: The store has responded kindly and has shipped out the remaining items. Much appreciated. Sorry for the rant.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Excellent news bro, that's cool, the forum is here to rant and also to see if anyone has similar experiences - good to share.

    Glad it worked out for you.
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