Fishing + Crabbing CR!

Good afternoon fellow kakis, do check out the video below to see our recent fishing and crabbing CR :) Have a great week ahead guys!

Fishing and Crabbing in Singapore (Lots of Stingrays, Flower Crabs, Jahan and more!)

    good hunting.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    You got a like from me buddy~!

  • goldensnapper
    Thank you friends! :)
  • dan_csw
    Fishing for 2 weeks but still can't get any big fishes, so decided today 6march 2020 to do crabbing at Pulau ubin . I used 4 crab cages at  ubin and caught 8 big ones. catch  and released 3 big female yellow colour crab with eggs, really a bit heart pain to release them. Released many smaller size crabs. Crab season is on now. 
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