Southern Islands kaki WhatsApp group.

Hi Everyone,
I would like to start a WhatsApp group for anglers who are keen to go fishing in the southern islands area but no kaki like me. For some reasons my small circle of friends are either not keen in fishing at all or too pro to be interested in fishing local. Waters. I love fishing but am not keen in fishing overseas.
Hopefully, with the group we can response faster and do group bookings for the southern island's charters. I fished in southern island's twice only so I dun have any captain's contacts but I guess if we really got the numbers we can easily get their contacts. 
The only contact I have is ah Ho but dunno if he is chartering. 
Then there are also other well known captains like Alex lim boat and sure heng boat. Both of which I'm also keen to try.

So pm me ur number and I will get the group started. 

Thanks for reading. 
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