Looking for kakis/Discussion on boat co-ownership.

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Greetings everyone,
I'm starting this thread to look for
Kakis who are keen to co-own or co-share a brand-new 33ft by 8.5ft boat. With brand new twin engines. Everything brand new.
Also keen to be in discussion here with anyone not keen but for the love of boating and sharing, on how to develop a harmonious co ownership plan. I did join some group discussions and even meet up with people back in 2013 or 14 to discuss further on boat sharing. Hopefully there are still some of you interested. 

A little intro, I owned an albacore 28 in 2014 to 2017. Sold it off as scrap, but the new owner really rebuilt her to very sea worthy conditions. Since then I have been looking at boats but didn't  get one due to the past experience, as I won't use the boat as often and the maintenance is a killer for me, spent easily 10 times more time on land then on sea, it's also really a waste of money if u are now doing it full time as the berthing and membership fees will drain ur maintenance money. So now I'm trying to see if there any like minded people looking to share costs.
I plan to co own with 2 other owners making it a 3 person  ownership. Three some if u like.
2 would be ideal but doesn't save much costs to see the benefits. More than 3 will be too much to handle and also 3 will mean each owner will get to use the boat at least 2 or 3 weekend trips.

I have actually did a write up on costs and the comparison with individual and 3 person ownership. But it's way too long. Already this post is damn long. Sorry.

To cut it short, it will be 3 person putting in 50k each, making it a budget of 150k compared to an individual with 50k budget. Berthing will be at RSYC.
Pm me if u want more details, or post here to leave what u think or any suggestions to get this proposal going.
I can also start a WhatsApp group. 

Thanks for your time
Cheers everyone.
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