How to make dead tamban stay on hook for surf fishing

Hi, whenever I used my surf rod (12ft) to cast out the dead tamban bait (single or two 3/0 hook) and the tamban seems to be gone after I reeled back. I used size 3 sinker with long snood bottom rig

Any suggestion to make tamban stay on hook well? Thanks
  • Michael Lim
    Use bait elastic.  Commonly used for soft baits overseas.  Not too common here though.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    I sew the bait, ready made at home. I used to do that.
  • nuvole
    Use bait needle, thread tamban with hook at tail, line out at mouth.
    Freeze bait overnight, then use icebox to transport bait to site (ice is okay, dry ice will be a plus).
    Bait will be gone if you reel in fast, but you can be sure there is bait on your line within an hour or two after you cast.

    After all the trouble, I've only manage to catch catfish in our water...
  • icetea7
    Thanks all. Will try and update
  • suarez1972
    Use a gang hook with slider assist plus a relay clip or a CLD...u can check at FB: Elite Anglers SG

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