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Hi guys, i am new to slowfall and would like to seek for advice on the following rods. Firstly im pairing it with a oj1501, likely loaded with pe2 like. Jig weight abt 100-250 max. This are the 2 rod im looking at currently.
1. Evergreen slowjerker 603-4
2. Takamitechnos 622hm 
Anyone can give me some review of this 2 rod... 
Thanks again.
  • Godspdu
  • Godspdu
    Nobody can help me? 
    Takamitechnos or evergreen
  • Michael Lim
    Both are great rods and specifically, they aren't exactly cheap either.  Thus you might not have much users in SG who have actually used them.  I am waiting for my Takamitechnos to come in and still waiting...
  • Godspdu
    Thanks man... Understand need to order.. may i ask what's the diff between the lm and the hm model? 
  • Godspdu
    How long have u been waiting? Did a check and they mention to me abt 3months. Wan to know abt this rod. As recently heard alot abt this rod from various buyer. But not much info online. 
  • Vaerion
    Are you open to other rods? Got my hands on the new Temple Reef Innovate, pretty solid rod with excellent slow steady recoil. It's mainly a long fall rod though, and at an 8ft length. Might get in the way if you fish under shelter, but otherwise a fantastic rod with great action and backbone.
    Seafloor control also released a new series of spj rod. Action of the Force 4 looks great on their YouTube channel. Still waiting on a backordered Force 5. Lure Haven have a couple of them in stock (inc Poseidons) if you'd like to check them out.
  • Godspdu
    Thanks for the feedback vaerion, i got myself a slowjerker 603-4. Shall try it first... Just very curious abt the takamitechnos rod.... Cos not much info abt it. 
  • Michael Lim
    Godspdu said:
    Thanks man... Understand need to order.. may i ask what's the diff between the lm and the hm model? 
    ​If I got the info correct, it shld be LM = Standard blank
    HM = Highly elastic carbon solid blank (this gives it a faster response when compared to LM series and is considered inferior)

    Info from here :

  • Godspdu
    Thanks for the info michael... This brand of rod really hard to find info and hard to buy... I decided to go for eg slowjerker first. Thereafter if i fall in love with SF. Shall upgrade lol. Hope to hear a review abt this rod after ur usage. Thanks again 
  • nid
    I have had 7 different spec takamitechnos rods both hm and lm and have used all of them on various trips. local, kok similan, kuching, miri, makassar and luwuk.

    This is my personal opinion. On using takamitechnos compared to senses, levitate and posidon which I had also own or used extensively on a trip.

    -Ease of use, takamitechnos LM series is really easy to use all day compared to the other rods. It's parabolic and puts less stress on ur arms. I used to get tired jigging 300g jigs by mid day of a trip using levitate while I can jig 400g jigs with ease at 200+m depths with takamitechnos LM series.

    - Jig action. All I will say is I have nv felt I catch less fish then others. I can't see under water but I get plenty hook ups.

    - fighting fish. This is where takamitechnos really out shines other SPJ rods. The recovery power of the rod is amazing and the strength and confidence that it won't break is on a different lvl. I nv have to point my rod down, while I do straight crank most of the smaller catches as it's the safest way not to lose fish, if I need to pump no issue at all. I can high stick np. Landed 18kg gt in 4mins, pump many other fishes and fought double digit dogtooth easily. Even black grouper dun pose a problem. Everything I have done with my takamitechnos rods would have probably broke all the other brand rods I have used for SPJ.

    - LM vs HM. LM stands for low modulus. It's parabolic, slower action. HM stands for High modulus, its stiffer, faster action. I have own both in same power rating and LM is my personal choice. I had 3 HM rods and I sold all after a few trips. So what's the difference? HM rods in theory would be better to "punch" the jig. With a stiffer rod it does make sense. But its harder to work and u tired urself out quicker. LM u work it slow, let the rod recover slowly with each lift and let the jig work how it's supposed to. In SPJ, falling is a key part, a common mistake anglers make is to force the jig to work by using brute strength to lift the rod, but this doesn't necessarily mean ur jigs work nicer, SPJ is as much abt the falling action as any other. There is no need to force ur jig to work and in fact might be counter productive especially when u r targeting bottom fish. Even when it comes to pelagic fish, i can jig fast and still get great action. Sometimes even surprising results like a 7kg chermi on a 280g sfc cranky while ppl ard me were fast jigging. 

    To me HM feels like any other SPJ rod while LM has a performance of use like no other. In terms of fighting fish, I have landed all of my personal best fish on LM. Fighting big fish on the LM and HM feels no different to me, when u hit a really big or hard fighting fish, the rod is going to bend until the butt regardless of LM or HM. The LM and HM would perform equally well. Some might argue against a parabolic rod and a stiffer rod but that's my experience and personal opinion with takamitechnos rods. The LM might feel strange at first and u might dislike it, but once u understand how to use it, it's the easiest and least taxing SPJ rod out there. I only got my first LM because there was no HM in stock. But after 2 trips, I fell hard for it and sold all my other SPJ rods. 

    So onto the cons of takamitechnos. 
    - price, it's expensive. 
    - waiting time, it's ridiculous. Most rods I wait at least 6mths, I had one I waited a Yr. 3mths is say only. Maybe if u very lucky. I have an order from August that still isn't here and no news. 
    - sg dealer. u can order and he tell u 3 mths, then when u follow up just keep delaying. I had a friend order and the rod nv even came. He has already given up after a Yr of chasing . Also I ordered a custom rod that came twice wrong. Imagine paying 900+ for a rod and it's not exactly how u wanted it custom.

    So my advice is if u like SPJ, have the money and patience, get a takamitechnos LM rod. The most versatile is LM623. I work 100g to 400g jigs with it. I have also caught the most fish on it including the 18kg GT which only took 4mins to land. Local, overseas, 20m to 200m I use my LM 3 when the jig weight I need to use allows me. I find the 622 too soft and have problems working anything above 200g. I now use it for tenya instead.

    All the above is just my personal opinion. Others might feel differently. Hope it helps with ur future purchases. 
  • Godspdu
    Wow nid, thanks for ur fruitful inputs and advice .. u really open up my thots on this brand of rods... One day i will get one of it and try. And it shall be the model u r saying. If u r interested in selling do let me know as well lol.... Once again thanks for ur help and wonderful write up
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