How to transfer braid from old spinning reel to new spinning reel?

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Hi guys, I Tried to search the forum and online but I can’t find the answer. Hope I can get some advice from you guys. TIA!!

  • SportAngler
    What I do is spool them on a empty spool by hand.
    Adter put a chopstick in the middle ask someone to hold with tension while reeling into new reel.
  • Michael Lim
    Easiest way is direct...  Pop open the bail on the old reel and then wind it on to a new reel mounted on a butt section of a rod.  Keep the line under tension, use a rag to help maintain tension when winding the line on.
  • botakchong
    To maintain tension, I use a carabineer.
    Coil braid line 4-5 times on the long shaft.

  • exori
    Thank you all for your answers. 
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